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Where can I Buy Stamps at CVS near me

Can I Buy Stamps At CVS?


Yes, but not absolutely. As a matter of fact, not all the chains do this so you have to be sure whether the store nearby will send the stamps to you. However,most CVS stores nationwide do sell postage stamps individually or in booklet batches at the same rate as the ones sold in USPS post offices.

CVS does sell stamp

What Does CVS Sell

Like many other large chain pharmacy stores, CVS no longer focuses entirely on medications. They have broadened their products by including many grocery goods and household items. But unlike ordinary convenience stores, the commodities in the CVS is complete, which even better than some of the smaller supermarkets. CVS can find a lot of small bottles of perfume, and can buy necessities such as shampoo and razor. There are also all kinds of health care products, medicine. And large cans of ice cream can be found in food.


  • Baby & Child
  • Beauty
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Health & Medicine
  • Home Healthy Care
  • Household & Grocery
  • Personal Care
  • Sexual Health
  • Vitamins

CVS – Hours of Operation

Many CVS stores are usually open round the clock (24 hours), while some are open between the hours of 8 am until 7 pm. It all depends on where in the country you are located.


CVS Store Locations

Area served United States

CVS, the largest U.S. drug retailer, operates more than 5,400 retail pharmacies and specialty drug stores in 36 states and the district of Columbia.Basically every few blocks in the city have a CVS, which can be seen everywhere in the United States of all parts of the country.

There are three methods for you to find a Target near you:

Roughly,you can visit the site below by state to find the CVS to you by state and city to find the closest CVS to you and its contact phone number, e-mail, opening hours and closing hoursl.

Click the following link to use the CVS store locator if you’d like to learn of all the locations like the picture shows as follow. .

retail store list

Or you can use the map on our page to find a store nearby.

CVS Rewards Program

ExtraCare card service engineering is an important part of business strategy of CVS, CVS constantly updated and expanded through this system database of loyal customers, this project has become the largest and most successful retail customer loyalty cultivation system.Through the membership database, CVS provides customers with preferential commodity prices, personalized coupons, additional rebates and other benefits.The ExtraCare loyalty program boasts over 70 million cardholders, making it the largest retail loyalty program in the country.

CVS Website

You can walk into a CVS store nearby and ask the cashier for individual or a book of stamps (20 count), but there is no guaranty that all CVS stores nationwide will have your preferred stamp.So this way if you call a CVS near you and they don’t carry stamps, they should be able to tell you which is the next closest store that does.Therefore, it’s necessary for you to contact the customer care service to be sure of wheather its store is selling stamps. And,you can get contact number through the CVS website.

Alternatively, CVS also sell stamps online.


Name of CVS

CVS began as Melville Corporation, formerly based in Rye, New York. The CVS name once stood for Consumer Value Stores; though Thomas Ryan, CVS Health’s former CEO, has said he now considers it to stand for “Convenience, Value and Service”.

Formerly called CVS Corporation
CVS Caremark Corporation

History of CVS

CVS Health (previously CVS Corporation and CVS Caremark Corporation) is an American retail pharmacy and health care company headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The company began in 1964 with three partners who grew the venture from a parent company, Mark Steven, that helped retailers manage their health and beauty aid product lines. The business began as a chain of health and beauty aid stores, but within several years, pharmacies were added. To facilitate growth and expansion, the company joined The Melville Corporation, which managed a string of retail businesses. Following a period of growth in the 1980s and 1990s, CVS Corporation spun off from Melville in 1996, becoming a standalone company trading on the New York Stock Exchange as NYSE: CVS .

It later completed a merger with the pharmacy benefit management company Caremark Rx in 2007 and was consequently renamed CVS Caremark Corporation. The company was renamed CVS Health in 2014 following its decision to remove tobacco products from CVS Pharmacy store shelves. CVS Health’s assets include CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, CVS Specialty, and the retail clinic MinuteClinic. In 2016, it ranked seventh on the Fortune 500 and 18th on the Fortune Global 500 list.

CVS subsidiaries

CVS’s main business involves two major categories: retail pharmacy and pharmacy benefit management.

Retail pharmacy business: as of December 31, 2005, the retail pharmacy business includes 5,420 retail pharmacies, of which 5,367 are pharmacies, as well as CVS’s online pharmacy. Retail pharmacies are either named after CVS or they are named CVS drugstores, which are found in 34 states and the district of Columbia. Retail pharmacies are not only selling prescription drugs, classification as well as a wide range of commodities, including OTC products, beauty care products, film and video service, seasonal products, greeting CARDS, convenient foods, etc.

Pharmacy benefit management business PMB: PMB business for the benefit of all kinds of organizations provide a wide range of prescription management services, these services include mail-order pharmacies, major pharmacy, planning and organization management and on-demand processing and formula.

Subsidiaries · CVS Pharmacy   MinuteClinic

· Caremark Rx    CVS Specialty

· Drogaria Onofre  Longs Drugs

· Navarro Discount Pharmacies

· Accordant  Coram  Omnicare

What is CVS Pharmacy?

CVS Pharmacy is one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States, with 9,600 stores located in 49 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, operating primarily under the CVS Pharmacy, CVS, Longs Drugs, Navarro Discount Pharmacy and Drogaria Onofre names.CVS Pharmacy fills more than one of every five prescriptions in the United States, and 76% of the U.S. population now lives within 5 miles of a CVS Pharmacy.