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Where Can I Buy Stamps at FedEx Near Me

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Can I buy stamps at FedEx? 

As FedEx is known as one of the largest courier companies in the world, the first thing that crosses our mind must be shipping services when referring to FedEx.

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Just as the the pictures shows. FedEx provides shipping services domestically and internationally. As for the question that if we can buy stamps at FedEx, the answers is yes! FedEx do sell USPS postage stamps, and provides both individual and book stamps.

How can I buy stamps at FedEx near me?

Using the online store locator is a good option if you want to buy stamps at a FedEx store near you. To get the locator, you can sign in and you will see the page shown as follow, and find the FedEx near you.

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Another effective tool that can help you find a FedEx store near you is the map presented below.

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Return service of FedEx

FedEx Express® Billable Stamps: manual solution for providing your customers with FedEx Express return labels that have been preprinted by FedEx.

Service Description

These preprinted labels are an easy way to manage your returns and other inbound FedEx Express® shipments. They’re trackable, time- and cost-effective solutions that enable you to choose a FedEx® delivery service in advance.


1.To order, download the order form.

2.If you have any questions, please download FedEx Express Billable Stamps FAQs.

3.Minimum order is 50 billable stamps.

4.You must specify a FedEx Express delivery service to be printed on the stamp.

5.You must specify a FedEx Express delivery service to be printed on the stamp.

6.You must have a valid FedEx account number to order billable stamps.

More information is presented in the website:

History of FedEx

FedEx was established by Fredrick. W. Smith, in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1971. The name FedEx, is an abbreviation of Federal Express which was used from 1973 until 2000 when the name FedEx was eventually adopted. FedEx is an American International courier company, and currently employees over 400,000 staffs all over the United States alone. In terms of sizes, FedEx was rated in Forbes top 100 global organizations, and it remains the second largest courier and shipping company in the United States. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as several other stock exchanges worldwide.

FedEx is one of the largest courier companies in the world and they do in fact sell USPS postage stamps. FedEx will not only sell stamps, it provides shipping services domestically and internationally. The amount of stamps you will need of course will depend on the distance at which your parcel will be shipped and the total weight of the item. FedEx will weigh your item before selling stamps to give you an accurate price. FedEx shipping rates are competitive, and the company sells both individual and book stamps.