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Where can I Buy Stamps at Meijer near me


Can I Buy Stamps At Meijer?

Yes! Having US Post Office, Meijer stores are pleased to offer several US Post Office services, available between 7:00AM and 11:00PM at the Service Desk, such as:Priority mail, Registered mail, Certified mail and providing Postage stamps.But being notable, only Booklets (20 stamps) can be purchased through the checkout lanes, single stamps are not offered.

What’s more, With manager approval, Meijer will accept a personal check for postal fees, stamps, etc. And credit card payments for US Postal services are NOT accepted. However, books of stamps can be paid for with credit, both at the Service Desk and through the checkout lanes.

What Does Meijer Sell

Meijer was one of the first hypermarket stores in the US, combining a multitude of merchandise under one roof, when they opened the first Thrifty Acres in 1962.

Aside stamps, Meijer is popular for selling Pharmaceutical and wellness drugs, electronics, groceries, home and style products and other merchandises as follow.

Products Groceries, clothing, footwear, gasoline, sporting clothing, bedding, furniture, jewelry, health and beauty products, toys, sporting equipment, electronics, housewares and pet supplies

Meijer– Hours of Operation

Most Meijer stores are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, closing only at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and reopening at 6 a.m. on December 26.

Meijer Locations

There are 224 Meijer stores, with 195 of them located in gas stations, as well as 6 manufacturing facilities scattered across the country. Unfortunately, there are few states where you can find Meijer, these include Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Number of locations Stores: 224
Gas stations: 195
C-Stops: 2
Car washes: 2
Distribution facility complexes: 6
Manufacturing facilities: 6

To find a Meijer store near you,at first you can use the store locator on Meijer’s web page.You can check, and look for the store locator available at the Home page, where you can search for the nearest store based on the store number, city, and state, this will definitely simplify your search and help you get assistance within the shortest period of time.Remember, not all stores sell stamps.

Then,you can use the map on our page to locate the nearest Meijer store.

Meijer Rewards Program

Like many other chain stores, Meijer also provide discount coupons and vouchers to regular shoppers on daily basis.The store also provide a weekly ad or promotion where customers get gift cards and get low prices on all grocery items.meijer

Meijer Website

Aside from getting your favorite items from a local store, you can also buy Meijer products online and get them delivered by ”Shipt” which is a special delivery service provided by Meijer to deliver groceries, electronics, pharmaceutical and wellness products in some states.However,make sure you confirm if home delivery is in your region.


History of Meijer

The history of Meijer began in 1934 when it was founded in Greenville by brothers- Hank and Frederik Meijer. Meijer describes itself as a grocery chain that added general merchandise to their grocery stores in 1962.

In 2015, Forbes named Meijer as number 19 in the list of the largest private companies in the United States of America, and in 206, Supermarket News ranked the company number 15 in the top 75 supermarkets in the country. Based on the 2015 revenue records, Meijer was ranked as the 26th largest retail company in the United States.