Where can I Buy Stamps Online


Can I Buy Stamps Online?

Yes, definitely! The easiest place to buy stamps and postage is online at, which can be done at your comfortable home.  This website basically help you eliminate trips to the post office.  By the way, Amazon and eBay also sell stamps, but both charge more than the face value of a standard stamp while actually sells stamps at lower price than USPS.

What is

It is an online solution that certified by the United States Post Office to sell USPS products such as First Class mail, Priority mail, Express mail, etc. Their online interface allows you to purchase, calculate and print out official USPS postage, both domestic and international, that can be used for anything from postcards to large boxes.You can print onto shipping labels, envelopes, or just plain copy paper and then post your shipping label on your package. By this way, you don’t need any special tools or software, and even don’t need to go inside a post office.

Summarize All The Benefits

  • 4 Week Free trial
  • $5 of Free Postage
  • The ability to simply click, print, and mail
  • Free Postage Scale (you pay shipping and handling)
  • Integration with popular softwareand eCommerce platforms
  • Send packages over 13 ounces without going to the Post Office
  • Take advantage of their discounted rates to spend less money on

How to start it

You can have your package ready to ship in about 5 to 10 minutes, provided you sign up.

  • Open an accountand fill in some basic information to start your 4 Week Free trial
  • Weigh your package
  • Enter the weight and choose your desired shipping ex: First Class
  • Print the shipping label on label paper, an envelope, or a piece of plain paper
  • Stick it on your package and you can mail it from anywhere in the world or give it to your carrier

It is Not Suitable For Casual Shipping

You must pay $15.99 per month just for the service they supply,so the service is best for small businesses but not for the casual sender or household user. And if you are looking to print stamps from home for sending out a few packages or an occasional birthday card, it’s not for you. Just understand that you are charged $15.99 monthly whether you ship any packages or not.

So What Happens If You Want to Cancel Your Account?

If the service is not for you, you can cancel it at any time during the 4 week period without being charged the service fee. You can even keep the $5 on free postage you got . They offer a phone number that you can call to cancel your account.

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